Data and Digital : BigOnIT’s Saudi Arabia Data and Digital Strategy (Part 3)

Data and Digital : BigOnIT’s Saudi Arabia Data and Digital Strategy (Part 3)


There are now opportunity for the development of a data brands to enter the Middle East and North Africa. As the region is tagged as the fastest growing, it presents both tremendous opportunity, but also tremendous risk. A partnership with a data company which adheres to globally recognized data governance and data privacy laws will enable a Middle Eastern company to take advantage of both growth opportunities, and the chance to develop stronger data privacy and protection policies, even as an individual company.

The quality of information in the world is soaring. And the need to store manage and develop data systems is critical. 

The deluge of data is already starting to transform business, government, science and everyday life. This deluge has huge potential for good, as long as consumers, companies and governments make the right choices about when to encourage flow of data, and when and how to restrict it.

With the Middle East and North Africa as the fastest growing region in the world for data growth, much potential is seen in this sector, but there is also much risk involved.

This strategy was crafted based on our study of the growth of data centres in the Middle East, as well as the data landscape in major countries in the region. Consequentially, we also took a look at how this affects government policies on data use, how Arabic countries rank globally for data governance and protection, and what can be done to improve them.


For my next post, I’ll be sharing with you my findings on the Health Care industry in Saudi Arabia and our recommendations specific to Data and Digital.

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