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Open Access Networks – Building Value

UK legislation for public Wi-Fi includes the Data Protection act, European Directive for Data Retention Regulations

BOI_Plaque_v1_R2_AS2009, the Code of Practice (Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001), Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and Digital Economy Act, 2010, for which the venues such as companies that want to consider offering WI – Fi as a service have to consider.

Bigonit Build Data strategy networks and services that understand of new industry standards based on open access networks and also considers the current UK regulations, although public Wi-Fi legal compliance differs slightly by country in accordance with various local laws, the main common premise is the ability to track activity on a network back to the user.

Furthermore the strategy considers the ongoing trouble free support and on-going maintenance of such systems as an added value service to patrons of the hotel and considers a capital costs over time as an on-going quality network.

The strategy also conBOI_Header_650x150_v3siders payback periods based around the lifetime guarantee of the network as well as the opportunity cost on non-compliant open WI – Fi network to the overall business and service levels.

Open Access Networks White Paper

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Blended Finance – Funding For The Internet Of Things – Unlocking the Value of Data

The Internet of Things is creating opportunities not only on how we attract resources and manage project funding – it allows us to blend various parts of the finacial system to create opportunities as well as develop opportunities  and targets them to various layers. The internet of things is bridging gaps in our financial systems and it is allowing funding to be tailored for the various layers of the Financial system. Below I describe the said layers in further detail:

Government layerBusiness Model

This is an important part of the Strategic Pipeline as well as of the ongoing product and investment pipe line. Government initiate, funding and contracts are the driving force of economic growth — this layer of the business model allows the strategic plan to be developed into an Operational Business plan to be presented to financial institutions for funding. At this layer, timing is important; this covers government plans and access to government objectives both long and short term. It is also important to be recognised within government cycles.

Funding for exits at this level to allow long term odjectives to acceved as well help establish technologies and processes that can create economic value– Grants , Subsidy and development assistance

Financial layer

This layer allows the introduction of governmental projects into the financial system at an early stage. The financial system will create funding opportunities through a mixed blend (Blended Finance). This combines different types of finance of different funding methods and developing layers of funding types – from Government Funding, International Subsidy, Bank and Private Equity, Private banking, and in some cases section funding, according to the type of the project and the financial requirements of a given project.

Firms Layer

This layer allows the operational plan to implemented – with a operational base of contractors – that can provide operational support and delivery to the business plan and the operational project as well as Joint Venture Partnership and development. This is a flexible layer that can create, develop and risk-take in projects. This layer allows commercial risk to be defined better and apportioned to various parties that make up the Financial Layer. It also introduces stronger partnership, collaboration and Joint Venture agreement to be implemented.

Prosumer Layer

This is a layer that allows extra function to be added to the model. Funding and other project resources can be packaged and distributed at this layer, such as crowd funding. This is a layer that also allows product development and distribution.

Customer Layer

Also refers to the user layer, customer layer, or the layer that consumes the products and services. This layer drives the market and it allows product and service development.



Virtual Power Plants – The Internet of Energy


Virtual Power Plants VPPs are formed through BOI_Header_650x150_v2the aggregation of multiple small distributed generation units (including combinations of wind, solar PV etc. systems), fixed and variable loads and energy storage systems, which are then controlled by a central Energy Management System . Through this “internet of energy” arrangement, a VPP can achieve fidelity over the supply of electricity and, through communication with consumers, demand.

The implementation of VPPs can lead to greater predictability in carbon neutral energy output; greater control over power output; better congestion management; increased ability to allocate energy to users as required; and trading of the energy generated.

Health Care Systems – The New Digital Market Place in the Middle East

Health systems consist of all the people and actions whose primary purpose is to improve health. They may be integrated and centrally directed and over time the global health care industry is going through a period of “glocalization,” through partnerships Creating flexibility in Health Care Systems,

Business Model

This Flexibility thought data and digital technology has developed new medical insights from crunching real-time activity and biometric data from millions of potential users. Allowing medical treatment to be delivered remotely, reducing the overall cost allowing more adaptive services as well as developing quality regulation and c ompliance

Saudi Arabia has developed enormously over the last two decades and are well placed to take advantage the new digital market place to create an electronic health strategy working with countries such as Scotland in the UK that are positioned to meet this challenge and are already doing so with advanced, intuitive and integrated digital health solutions.

These digital solutions are already integrated into Countries national health system as robust heath care components and are being exported all over the world including China,

These services can be better developed allowing partnership for the Saudi Arabia – with the help of an intermediary better able to bridge the understanding of supply and demand

Further  more the development of innovation from this digital market place also allow delivery of Health care systems into new emerging markets of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia both as a Service to Augment the National Services but also as a Independent Business model to be delivered under a private health care inactive into the GCC countries North Africa and Asia

Monthly update

BigOnIT is a full service data and digital company. We understand new business models, manifesting them on how we manage information and data, then provide services in the BOI_Plaque_v1_R2_ASdevelopment, support and management of these models as well as develop and provide services for the day-to-day support of all your infrastructure and technology needs through a series of data centers that we call innovation centers.

These innovation centers offer fully supported services across the UK, delivering e-Commerce success to our customers. With competent and reliable experience in effective supply chain management systems, platforms and server setup, customer service, outsourcing, or even your day-to-day operations management.


Techservicesnology Trends

In the computer services market there are various ongoing and emerging trends driving uptake of services across the corporate and public sectors. Some of the key drivers affecting the computer services sector include The use of open source solutions and the effect that virtualisation technology is having on infrastructure costs and infrastructure management is allowing companies to better develop the technology to create competitive advantage and move away from the one size fits all technology brands Read More


Open Networks and data protectionservices

UK legislation for public WiFi includes the Data Protection act, European Directive for Data Retention Regulations 2009, the Code of Practice (Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001), Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and Digital Economy Act, 2010, for which the venues such as companies that want to consider offering WiFi as a service have to consider Read More


The Future energyof the Energy Grid 

The present grid is designed to transmit electricity in a straight line, from producer to consumer. The implementation of renewable energy in commercial and domestic environments has, however, led to the emergence of another party who produce, consume and possibly sell their own energy – the prosumer. When the prosumer’s renewable energy is fed back into the grid – causing electricity to flow in the other direction from the one originally intended Read More…


Turning the world’s coffee drinkers into great coffee roasters and blenders

Every coffee we drink is created by blending different types of coffee beans and having those beans roasted in one of the commercial coffee roasters. Coffee blending and the creation of a great coffee within the coffee industry has been a skill and craft that has been passed down over the generations. These skills help coffee drinkers to drink coffee with a consistency foodproductionaccording to the blends flavour and cost Read More…

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